The Playground is a space that is designed to host an immersive learning experience where full-stack teams come to learn modern engineering, product, and Agile, DevOps and SRE practices.

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Playground is a space that is designed to host an immersive learning experience where full stack teams come to learn modern engineering, product and Agile, DevOps and SRE practices. 
Many organizations are using the various “DevOps Tools” and feel that they are doing Continuous Delivery. However, in actual sense they are not. Many of these DevOps initiatives are failing.  Organizations are hoping to implement DevSecOps as Security is the top priority in every CEO’s mind. However, here also there is some tools being used to do SCA, SAST, DAST, IAST, etc. Security is everyone’s responsibility. Hence, proper understanding of DevSecOps is important. SRE also is practiced by many organizations where on one side we have organizations who have just renamed the Operations and SREs are doing the same operations work. On the other side organizations have brought in many developers and calling them SRE who are automating anything and everything. Playground provides the platform, in a pay-as-you-go model for middle and small organizations to learn the right way of implementing DevOps, DevSecOps and SRE. Playground will provide the following:
  1. Right understanding of DevOps, DevSecOps, and SRE from industry experts. The experts will take them through the right understanding in the form of proper certified courses from DevOps Institute and EXIN
  2. The participants will be taken through, by tools experts, on how to implement tools successfully as per the understanding of the DevOps, DevSecOps and SRE knowledge gained in the sessions earlier. The participants can then take this learning back to their organization and implement themselves or through other service providers of their choice. This will help the organizations to deliver better as they can have this learning through Hypothesis based Experimentation to solve a real-life business problem
  3. The playground can be used to bring the prospective customers to a hypothesis-based development and showcase the customers on the solution, delivering the solution following the best practices learning from the experts of Playground.


Continuous Security and Compliance Observability with Deepfactor

In this solution, the Playground Customer can learn the following:

    1. How to Observe applications events at runtime
    2. Detect anomalies to identify Security and Compliance risks
    3. Enable the team to create secure and compliant app

Chaos Engineering with Gremlin.

  • As we are striving to achieve greater Reliability of our systems, we need to practice Chaos Engineering. We do not need to be mature to do this but mature with Chaos Engineering. We will teach concepts of Chaos Engineering, as followed by various organizations as part of their SRE initiative. Then they will practice it using Gremlin tool to implement the learning

Right Implementation of DevOps, DevSecOps and SRE practices

Here we will use some tools, as available in the Playground to practice how to do it and get the most out of the initiative. Customers of Playground will get to know the right way of doing things and thus get the most ROI of the implementation

Value Stream Management

Value Stream management is becoming the most important factor for all organizations to get highest return on the DevOps, DevSecOps and SRE transformation. Customers will be able to get the right learning of Value Stream Management from DOI and VSM Consortium Course and Certification. Then we will showcase how to implement it using some VSM tool.


  1. Access to Best Learning Courses
  2. Trained by Global Experts 
  3. No Capital investment. Pay-as-you-go model
  4. User gets Prospective customers. Playground doesn’t undertake delivery engagements.


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    Note: This platform is not for any delivery of projects but to learn the right way of implementing the Transformation and make the customers of Playground self-capable to implement in their own environment.